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Squadrons 400 to 420 are displayed on this page.

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Date Aircraft Flown Air Field Commanding Officer(s) Aces

No.400 Squadron (RCAF)

Formed: 1st March 1941.    Disbanded: 7th August 1945.    Motto: 'Percussuri vigeles'  On the watch to strike

No.401 Squadron (RCAF Ram)

Formed: 1st March 1941.    Disbanded: 10th July 1945.    Motto: 'Mors cellerima hostibus'  Very swift death to the enemy

No.402 Squadron (RCAF Winnipeg Bear)

Formed: 1st March 1941.    Disbanded: 24th July 1945.    Motto: We stand on guard

No.403 Squadron (RCAF)

Formed: 19th February 1941.    Disbanded: 30th June 1945.    Motto: Stalk and strike

No.404 Squadron (RCAF)

Formed: 15th April 1941.    Disbanded: 25th May 1945.    Motto: Ready to fight

No.405 Squadron (RCAF Vancouver)

Formed: 23rd April 1941.    Disbanded: 5th September 1945.    Motto: 'Ducimus' We lead

No.406 Squadron (RCAF Lynx)

Formed: 5th May 1941.    Disbanded: 31st August 1945.    Motto: We kill by night

No.407 Squadron (RCAF Demon)

Formed: 8th May 1941.    Disbanded: 4th June 1945.    Motto: To hold on high

No.408 Squadron (RCAF Goose)

Formed: 15th June 1941.    Disbanded: 5th September 1945.    Motto: For freedom

No.409 Squadron (RCAF)

Formed: 17th June 1941.    Disbanded: 1st July 1945.    Motto: 'Media nox meridies noster'  Midnight is our noon

No.410 Squadron (RCAF Cougar)

Formed: 30th June 1941.    Disbanded: 9th June 1945.    Motto: 'Noctivaga' Wandering by night

No.411 Squadron (RCAF)

Formed: 16th June 1941.    Disbanded: 21st March 1946.    Motto: 'Inimicus inimico' Hostile to an enemy

No.412 Squadron (RCAF)

Formed: 30th June 1941.    Disbanded: 21st March 1946.    Motto: 'Promptus ad vindtictum'  Swift to avenge

No.413 Squadron (RCAF Tusker)

Formed: 1st July 1941.    Disbanded: 23rd February 1945.    Motto: 'Ad vigilamus undis'  We watch the waves

No.414 Squadron (RCAF Imperial)

Formed: 12th August 1941.    Disbanded: 7th august 1945.    Motto: 'Totis viribus'  With all our might

No.415 Squadron (RCAF Swordfish)

Formed: 20th August 1941.    Disbanded: 15th May 1945.    Motto: 'Ad metam'  To the mark

No.416 Squadron (RCAF)

Formed: 22nd November 1941.    Disbanded: 19th March 1946.    Motto: 'Ad saltum paratus'  Ready for the leap

No.417 Squadron (RCAF City of Windsor)

Formed: 27th November 1941.    Disbanded: 30th June 1945.    Motto: Supporting liberty and justice

No.418 Squadron (RCAF City of Edmonton)

Formed: 15th November 1941.    Disbanded: 7th September 1945.    Motto: 'Piyautailili'  Defend even unto death

No.419 Squadron (RCAF Moose)

Formed: 15th December 1941.    Disbanded: 5th September 1945.    Motto: 'Moose aswayita'  Beware of the moose

No.420 Squadron (RCAF Snowy Owl)

Formed: 19th December 1941.    Disbanded: 5th September 1945.    Motto: 'Pugnamus finitum'  We fight to the finish.

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