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Squadrons 61 to 120

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Squadrons 61 to 80 are displayed on this page.

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Date Aircraft Flown Air Field Commanding Officer(s) Aces

No.61 Squadron

Formed: 25th July 1917.    Disbanded: 31st March 1958.    Motto:  'Per purum tonantes' (Thundering through the clear skies).

No.62 Squadron

Formed: 28th July 1916.    Disbanded: 30th September 1964.    Motto:  'Inseperato' (Unexpectedly).

No.63 Squadron

Formed: 5th July 1916.    Disbanded: September 1992.    Motto:  'Pone nos ad hostem' (Follow us to find the enemy).

No.64 Squadron

Formed: 1st August 1916.    Disbanded: 16th June 1967.    Motto:  'Tenax propositi' (Firmness of purpose).

1940 Battle of Britain Spitfire
  • Kenley
  • Church Fenton
  • Coltishall
  • Sqn Ldr N C Odbert
  • Sqn Ldr A R D MacDonell

No.65 Squadron (East India)

Formed: 1st August 1916.    Disbanded: 30th June 1992.    Motto:  'Vi et armis' (By force of arms).

1940 Battle of Britain Spitfire
  • Hornchurch
  • Turnhouse
  • Sqn Ldr H C Sawyer
  • Sqn Ldr A L Holland
  • Sqn Ldr G A W Saunders

No.66 Squadron Click to View

Formed: 24th June 1916.    Disbanded: 20th March 1969.    Motto:  'Cavete Praemonui' (Beware, I have given warning).

1940 Battle of Britain Spitfire
  • Coltishall
  • Kenley
  • Biggin Hill
  • Sqn Ldr R H A Leight
  • Sqn Ldr A S Forbes, DFC

No.67 Squadron

Formed: 12th September 1916.    Disbanded: 31st May 1957.    Motto:  No odds too great.

No.68 Squadron

Formed: 30th January 1917.    Disbanded: 20th January 1959.    Motto:  'Vzdy privpraven' (Always ready).

No.69 Squadron

Formed: 28th December 1916.    Disbanded: 1st July 1958.    Motto:  With vigilance we serve.

No.70 Squadron

Formed: 22nd April 1916 and currently active.    Motto:  'Usquam' (Anywhere).

No.71 Squadron (Eagle)

Formed: 27th March 1917.    Disbanded: 31st May 1957.    Motto:  From the first eyries.

No.72 Squadron (Basutoland)

Formed: 28th June 1917.    Disbanded: 12th November 1981.    Motto: Swift.

Battle of Britain 1940 Spitfire
  • Usworth
  • Biggin Hill
  • Church Fenton
  • Coltishall
  • Sqn Ldr R B Lees
  • Sqn Ldr A R Collins
  • Sqn Ldr E Graham

No.73 Squadron

Formed: 1st July 1917.    Disbanded: 17th March 1969.    Motto:  'Tutor et ultor' (Protector and avenger).

1940 Battle of Britain Hurricane
  • Church Fenton
  • Debden
  • Sqn Ldr J W C More
  • Sqn Ldr M W S Robinson
  • Sqn Ldr A D Murray

No.74 Squadron (Trinidad)

Formed: 1st July 1917 and currently active.    Motto:  I fear no man.

1940 Battle of Britain Spitfire
  • Hornchurch
  • Wittering
  • Kirton- in- Lindsey
  • Coltishall
  • Biggin Hill
  • Sqn Ldr F L White
  • Sqn Ldr A G Malan, DFC

No.75 Squadron (New Zealand)

Formed: 1st October 1916.    Disbanded: 15th October 1945.    Motto: Ake ake kia kaha' (For ever and ever be strong).

No.76 Squadron

Formed: 15th September 1916.    Disbanded: 31st December 1960.    Motto: Resolute.

No.77 Squadron

Formed: 1st October 1916.    Disbanded: 10th July 1963.    Motto: 'Ease potius quam videri' (To be rather than seem).

No.78 Squadron

Formed: 1st November 1916 and currently active.    Motto: 'Nemo non paratus' (Nobody unprepared).

No.79 Squadron (Madras Presidency)

Formed: 1st August 1917 and currently active.    Motto: 'Nil nobis pbstare potest' (Nothing can stop us).

1940 Battle of Britain Hurricane
  • Usworth
  • Biggin Hill
  • Pembrey
Sqn Ldr J H Hayworth  

No.80 Squadron

Formed: 1st August 1917.    Disbanded: 28th September 1960.    Motto: Strike true.

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