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A Display by the aldershot Gymnastic Staff. 1896

This is one of the interesting displays of agility, endurance and muscular power that the visitor to the Gymnasium at Aldershot when the classes are under training, is bound to wonder at and admire.  The tableau here shown is of the same nature as those that the aldershot Gymnastic Staff present every year before the eyes of the thousands of pleased visitors to the Military Tournament at the Agricultural Hall.

Original magazine photo page published 1895 - 1902.  Price ?25.   Or reproduction of photograph ready mounted. Price ?25. Click here to order.  ORDER CODE 1V91

Another of the Aldershot Gymnastic tableaux. 1896.

This is another of this very clever and attractive tableaux, at the making up of which the staff of the great Army gymnastic training school at headquarters, the Aldershot Gymnasium, are such adepts.  How varied is the reprtoire of Colonel Fox's strong men, the pages of this journal, both in previous numbers and in present number, show; and the tableaux which forms the subject of this illustration is no exception, and exhibits no falling off in the qualities which go to perfect the all round athlete.

Reproduction of original photograph published 1895  Price ?25.  Click here to order.  ORDER CODE 1V116A

The "Weathercock" - A Tableau at Aldershot.  1896.

What strong muscles and well ordered gymnastic training can accomplish we have an example of here before our eyes.  The Weathercock is undoubtedly a masterpiece of gymnastic skill, calling for, in its performance, perfect nerve, perfect balance, perfect power of endurance, and perfect bodily strength.  The principal performer here is Sergeant-Major Palmer of the Aldershot Gymnasium, who, in the opinion of those best qualified to judge, is one of the best all round athletes in the British Army.

Reproduction of original photograph published 1895  Price ?25.  Click here to order.  ORDER CODE 1V116B

Review by Her Majesty at Aldershot (1898)

The Queen Leaving Aldershot after the Review (1898)

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