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Photographs of the Military Police. during the reign of Queen Victoria.

The Provost-Marshall at Aldershot. (1896)

Major J. L. Emerson is the officer who is now(1896) at the head of the Military Police at Aldershot, in which post he succeeded that universally known and respected veteran, Provost-Marshal Major Charles Broackes, on the retirement from the service of Major Broakes.  The general good conduct of the British soldier nowadays, happily renders Major Emerson's work lighter than was the case with that of some of those who have held office before him at Aldershot.

The Aldershot Military Police Establishment. (1896)

Military policemen are, of course, an essential establishment at all large camps and cantonments where soldiers are massed together, to keep order generally on all occasions by night or day, to patrol everywhere and to prevent stray unauthorised persons approaching places where their presence in undesirable.  At Aldershot, where our group was taken, the Military Police Establishment is drawn from men of good character in all the regiments in camp, and forms a large and important body, under the command of the Provost Marshal, Major J. L. Emerson.

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